That would be a thank you to all the organizers of the Tau Beta Spring Market held last weekend in Grosse Pointe Michigan.  I and the BBB were honoured to be one of the 20 boutiques selling their wares for the Tau Beta charity.  For more than 100 years they've promoted charitable projects to benefit the people of South Eastern Michigan, and in particular have partnered with The Children's Center of Detroit and its various family focused projects.   
My cousin Lynn Park, long time resident of GP invited me to come back (as I had done the show several years ago).  It's such a delightful and superbly organized event.  Lynn was not so keen shall we say on attaching hangtags to the bag - way to fiddly - but was outstanding sales help knowing many of the customers and knowing the BBB inside out.   And I can confidently say our Ebony Check wax cotton is the hottest spring pattern.  Here is Muffy Milligan one of the super women on the spring market committee showing off and putting her Mini to good use measuring up our boutique spaces.  Pearly Vine boutique is in the background with lots of gingham shirts and accessories - a pattern in my world that never out of style.  Or as Lynn says "black & white, day or night, always right!" Our show chant!
The venue was the lovely Grosse Pointe Club overlooking the Detroit River and the Canadian shoreline can just faintly see the lovely industrial wind turbines on the CDN side ( that's another story!)  and just behind the willow tree you can see the lake freighter heading north - my first freighter sighting this Spring.  I grew up watching these lake freighters go by my place on Lake Erie.  I find them fascinating.... and one of the boutique artists,  Nell Mercier  has done some amazing paintings of the freighters;  she grew up watching them go by too.   Wish I had bought one!  My other act of restraint was not buying a mink bomber jacket dyed in azure blue by Connecticut based shop PK Collection.  I tried it on and was in mink blue heaven!  But cousin Lynn said 'I would glow in the dark or someone might mistake be for a rather large indigo bunting!  Oh well.
We had a great show.  Thank you to all at Tau Beta.  
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I've written about my Italian dealer Dovetusai in past blogs. Translate:  'You know where we are'.  But I didn't know where they were or went. 

First, they joined SKITSCH - an upscale Ikea look brand- with many other famous designers. Then they opened Pianoprimo in 2007.  And now they've gone full circle and its back to 'you know where we are'  I am very excited to be working with Fabio and Luigi again. 

They have a beautiful line of glassware that they design and produce -  simple elegant vases and carafes.


And then these breadboards with handles;  I thought they were brave brown bags!  Amazing what an asymmetrical shape can do for an otherwise mundane rectangle that we are so used to for a cutting board.  How fun.

 Welcome back, Fabio and Luigi.  Hope you know where your BBB is!

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They were like Valentine's Day cards only better.  I was so amazed and excited  to receive these notes this February from 2 very special  BBB customers.  Consider the old fashioned form of letter writing.  Today, the function of instant delivery seems to control our choice of communication through the so called 'Cloud' with endless emails, tweets, texts, hashtags, pins, emojis...... Albeit, fast has it's upside but can there be anything better to receive or communicate appreciation with than a handwritten note.  
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The Year of the Flying Turtle

What a way to start the year.....Do not usually dream in colour, first if I am lucky enough to recall dreaming at all.  The last time presaged a major turning point in my life; I dreamt of flying pink pigs and purple sheep.  A curious combination as sheep are reknown followers and I've heard pigs are highly intelligent.  I concluded this meant I was about to become a very smart follower.  Some 24 years ago - wow time flies,  at 42 I decided to get on board the teetotaller boat.  I should note my 'success' in doing so was due  to some special family and friends and the wisdom of AA.  I discovered the boat was a pretty big one!  

And now, my New Year technicolour dream is of a brightly painted flying turtle! Cannot remember the plot but image of turtle remains vivid.  It's back was  pattered with a distinctly Imari English china glaze in the deep blues and burnt orange. 

Dream interpretation 101:  for the Chinese it may be the year of the dog, pour moi its this flying turtle that I think symbolizes thoughtful execution and out with all procrastination......Hmm.   Here are a few of the many projects that I have on the back burner to be realized this year at BBB studio.

*Flora and fauna fabric patterns, designs from my own backyard that celebrate the Carolinian forests from where I grew up.... start drawing!


* learn to play the damn ukelele 

*  is that enough....other than huge gratitude to continue the Brave Brown Bag journey

Get on with it flying turtle!!!




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Always room for one more....

Always room for one more chair, that is. This is my ode to dear friend Sandra, consummate collector of interesting furniture and fabrics, often discarded as not of interest by others.  I visited Sandra last New Years Eve in Perth Ontario.  She was in the midst of divesting herself of some her great finds as she was selling  her 'urban farmhouse' - more on that later.  I left with these 4 metal patio chairs complete with upholstered vinyl (ugh) seats probably from the forties stuffed in my Volvo wagon.   Driving back to the lake, ruminating on the chairs , I calculated that I would now have an assortment of 34 chairs in various stages of use and disrepair. Why on earth was I getting more?   From her shed into my garage collecting more dust and moss.  Oh, but I love moss!

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