Textile wit of designer Bev Hisey

Toronto-based textile designer Bev Hisey has a great sense of humour a bit off the warp and woof, and this very much carries through in her textile designs. http://www.bevhisey.com/home.html 

The Sightlines carpet on the left , to wit, she says:" was inspired by numerous visits I had to make last year to an eye specialist. Every visit began with an eye test (tests are not one of my strengths). These nerve racking tests summoned a post-traumatic-stress-type response, reminding me of my school days'.

A favourite of mine is her ant pillow on right.  Delicate black ants embroidered on wool felt.  Now just you dont have ants in your pants to go visit her shop that showcases her work as well as her collection of mid century modern design.  Bev has quite the design eye ! A must visit located on cool 1066 Dundas Street West.

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