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Anti-it Bag


It's an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal fashion section called Revenge of the Anti-It Bag   or bag designs that don't scream ostentatious consumption with their labels intentionally or otherwise.   Long before the so-called  IT bag , I remember our publicist in nyc,  a dapper Mr. Joseph Garland, when he first laid eyes on the BBB,  saying it was the quintessential anti-fashion bag. Hearing this was bit deflating for me as I had travelled all the way to nyc expecting something else (not quite sure)  but didn't quite get the compliment as it was intended to be.  And I certainly missed the bling boat too, always thinking customers could add their own baubles to the bag if desired.  Is there a course offered in  Deconstruction Theory of Bag Criticism 101......? Much easier to just carry  a BBB

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