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About Brave Brown Bag

Our History

In 1996, Canadian designer Charlotte McKeough reinvented the paper shopping bag. The Brave Brown Bag may have caught your eye in design and fashion stores in London, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo. Such is the allure of the Brave Brown Bag. Remaining true to the aesthetic of its classic paper ancestor, and virtually indefatigable right down to its pinked edge, the BBB has become a global classic.

As Seen In

Our Roots

Charlotte grew up on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada – directly across from Cleveland. With an educational background in fine art and classics, and a passion for sailing, much inspiration has evolved from her deep interest in materials used in both traditional and modern sailmaking.

Our Maxim

All of our designs are handmade in our bag studio by a dedicated production crew. Old-fashioned craftsmanship, wedded with our unusual textiles; waxed cotton, high-tech sailcloth, natural rubber, luxury wallpaper, and our innovative production techniques make the Brave Brown Bag collection an exceptional experience.

Our Designs

Charlotte believes in the integrity of a design that grows out of the roots of time and place – like a wine's "appellation controlee". The roots of the classic paper original carryall were transformed through traditional waxed cotton and the skills of sailmaking. An uncompromised design aesthetic, balanced with a sense of humour, and the first Brave Brown Bag was created.