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OK, it's just a concept based on the iconic fruit basket, but it may have potential.  Potential or not, the fabric, a needlepoint canvas coated with beeswax has stuck with me for many years.  I know it's use is for the needle arts but I love the simple crisscross weave.  It's the antithesis of lace  but the pioneer ladyfolk of the New World would have valued both textiles.
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A -TO by Donatella Ligas

A-TO is a beautiful boutique owned by Donatella Ligas located in Caligari ,Italy; to be exact the capital of the island of Sardinia.  She recently received her first order of Brave Brown Bags.  Wish I could stowed away in one, indeed!

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Hail the Fashion Museum comes to Hespeler

I was so excited to see this book at our local book & vinyl shop in Hespeler, and even more amazed when owner, Wendy, said that  author Johnathon Walford was indeed opening a Museum dedicated to the history of fashion, just up the street in the old post office builiding.

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