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OK, it's just a concept based on the iconic fruit basket, but it may have potential.  Potential or not, the fabric, a needlepoint canvas coated with beeswax has stuck with me for many years.  I know it's use is for the needle arts but I love the simple crisscross weave.  It's the antithesis of lace  but the pioneer ladyfolk of the New World would have valued both textiles.
I have a distant relative, Ms. Henrietta Sewell, who lived in Quebec City during the 1820's.  She was no doubt accomplished in this textile tradition be it tatting, needlepoint or cross stitch, but I was amazed when I read a recent article in Canada's History magazine about her amazing letter writing skill.  A sample of her letter to her fiance in England is written on linen (no paper then)  in a cursive cross style with a quill.
First can you imagine writing with such penmanship skill, then to turn it sideways and not go cross-eyed...
Today, if you are keen to learn this lost art of handwriting, there is a wonderful pen shop in Cambridge called Phidon Pens; they give lessons in calligraphy.  As for the cross style, well, I would find that as challenging as texting while walking..... 


Hi – I love the concept of the cloth fruit basket but there is something about the handle that bothers me. It seems too wide and clunky for the fabric bag.
Thanks for the story about your relative and the lost art of handwriting. I took a calligraphy course many years ago. Even though I am a bit sloppy now and use felt pens as opposed to pen and ink, people love receiving my birthday cards. It also changed the way I write. Interestingly, I print my letters now instead of cursively.

Sally Mappin

I love the basket idea! We’ve gone “green” here in California – the merchants now charge if they provide a bag for purchases. The basket is perfect for toting those purchases home…..very stylish!

Marianne Rhodez

Love it! Classic, handsome and the blue trim updates it. Depending on size, could be great for magazines, gloves, hand-towels…and, of course, fruit! You are definitely on to something… B-

Barbara Ashley

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