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Yellow Billed Cuckoo Song




I had the pleasure of encountering my first Yellow Billed Cuckoo this summer.  I actually did not see the bird just heard its rather haunting mating call.  Sort of dove-like but with a dash of fog horn to it and quite loud.  They, the cuckoos were cooing at each other up in the trees  back and forth over  some distance.  We never saw them flying and if you think you were getting close they disappeared.  Very very secretive.  Finally a friend, and avid birder, (I am curious but not avid) after wincing while hearing me mimic the song and suggested the Yellow Billed advising me to visit a birding website and listen to some bird audios to identify.  Sure enough it was the same same birdsong.  Not to be confused with The Sound of Music - So Long, Farewell song where 'an absurd little bird Is popping out to say "cuckoo".  I much prefer listening to the Yellow Billed Cuckoo. Here, have a listen:

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