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OK, it's just a concept based on the iconic fruit basket, but it may have potential.  Potential or not, the fabric, a needlepoint canvas coated with beeswax has stuck with me for many years.  I know it's use is for the needle arts but I love the simple crisscross weave.  It's the antithesis of lace  but the pioneer ladyfolk of the New World would have valued both textiles.
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Our reach should exceed our cell phone?

In Feb 28/15 issue of Economist, Planet of the Phones, the first paragraph reads: " the Ood are an odd bunch.  Among the more enigmatic of the aliens regularly encountered in"Doctor Who", a television series about a traveller in time and space, they are mostly silent - though sometimes given to song - and disconcertingly squid-like.  What is more, evolution has equipped them with 2 brains - one in their heads, the other carried around in their hand.  Put an Ood onto public transport anywhere in the developed world, though, and - tentacles-apart - he would barely raise a questioning eyebrow.  The other passengers would be too busy paying attention to the parts of their brain that they now carry in their hands to notice anything particularily odd about an alien doing something very similar."

And fast forward to  last paragraph:   "the Ood, it is worth remembering, did not just have two brains, one in the head and one in the hand - they had a third, panetary brain, telepaathically shared by all.  It may yet be to such a world that, with phones in hand, pocket and purse, humanity makes its way.

And of course  I am thinking  - with phone in hand, pocket and in your BBB, that would be fine with me ...then you've read my mind!  I need to find those Ood people and ask them what is their favourite colour.



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Brave Brown Bag treasure hunt.....


The angels are in the details here:  this is my designer family tree so to speak.  Out of the English bird tin come artifacts of artistry, industry and nature.  Do you see the silkworm's cocoon? ( a gift from a textile designer friend ) Stone angel fossils from the shores of Lake Erie.   A  beautiful bakelite sailing block from a wooden sailing dinghy....perhaps not.  And yes that is a maquette of a Brave Brown Bag, a mini mini BBB made with much TLC by my Japanese dealer Akiko Uino for her Tokyo based shop Gojoun. (



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The BBB myth in the making



Carrying a brave brown bag is much easier than this I promise .... but this earth-ball-rolling event with children really did take place very close to where I grew up near Chatham Ontario on Lake Erie;  where all the bright ideas and designy stuff began for me....  and now inspires a Sisyphian laugh when production goes awry.... just having a BBB ball! 

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