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Brave Brown Bag treasure hunt.....


The angels are in the details here:  this is my designer family tree so to speak.  Out of the English bird tin come artifacts of artistry, industry and nature.  Do you see the silkworm's cocoon? ( a gift from a textile designer friend ) Stone angel fossils from the shores of Lake Erie.   A  beautiful bakelite sailing block from a wooden sailing dinghy....perhaps not.  And yes that is a maquette of a Brave Brown Bag, a mini mini BBB made with much TLC by my Japanese dealer Akiko Uino for her Tokyo based shop Gojoun. (

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This Brave Brown Bag went to market ....

  My Geneva based friend/filmaker Katarina gives 'swisshy' style to her daily shopping with her BBB.  Hope this will encourage the arrival of Spring flora and fauna to hurry up and arri...

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The BBB found in translation!

  No, this is not my being esoteric, tis' the beautiful whimsical shapes of Japanese script... and the homepage of GOJUON, our Japanese dealer;  they are amazing purveyors of all things ...

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