Post Labour Day garlic

I was on my way back to bagland Tuesday morning and stopped to close up the barn which I had forgot to do the night before, which is why I may have a resident bat!  I saw sister Bonny's stash of garlic set artfully inside and I had to take a pic.  Garlic amidst all these wood textures:   the basket of garlic sits on century old pine planks yet to be used on the south deck  (coming soon); the plank behind is a treasure of Bonny's yet to be made into something and the plank of bark, I guess you could call it, beside it, fell off a century old over 100 foot poplar tree up at the top of the lane.  How could we throw that out.  And of course the barn is made of wood.  The cloves of garlic are not the best or biggest, but it is such a treat to eat garlic from one's own garden.  Who knows maybe it's a natural bat deterrent.

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