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Ginko Clock /Fall back

Someone very wise said in life there are things that happen so slowly one fails to notice, or conversely, so quickly one fails to see the change.  'Conversely', indeed, a great word with its Latin root meaning to turn - fast or slow as the case may be  - to describe change that escapes our notice and the obvious example of turning of the leaves in Fall.  Long before the Roman era, the leaves of the Ginko tree, a  survivor from prehistoric times, I have learned, simultaneously, all together, overnight turn yellow in one fell swoop.  And I never noticed this until 2 days ago making a point of watching my Ginko do its thing.

Well, I didn't actually stand there all night, but on Monday it was green and when I returned on Friday it had put on a yellow dress.  Maybe it was on the night of the full moon and just in time for Halloween. Wow.  It reminded me of my art teacher Gordon Perrier .  When asked why he chose to devote his considerable art talents to teaching, he replied,  it was important work to teach people to see. The Ginko leaf has a long history of depiction in textile design beginning in China, where the tree is presumed native.   Just google Ginko textile patterns.....!


Now did you notice where that hour went when you put your clock back this morning for daylight savings time?  The next stage for the Ginko, I am told is apparently the leaves all drop off at the same time. We'll see, I hope (make exception for the above few which came down in the big wind). 

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