A -TO by Donatella Ligas

A-TO is a beautiful boutique owned by Donatella Ligas located in Caligari,Italy; to be exact the capital of the island of Sardinia.  She recently received her first order of Brave Brown Bags.  Wish I could've stowed away in one, indeed!

Caligari looks like a fabulous place to go yachting but I digress so back to Donatella. 

When Donatella  first emailed with her interest in our BBB, the only other Donatella I knew of was with the last name Versace!  I can't quite see the latter carrying a BBB but you never know.   Donatella Ligas  had bought one many years ago in Milan;  she also carries Luisa Cevesa designs who I am a great admirer of as well as an exquisite selection of jewellery.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-TO/1578740329012961

Highly recommend a visit to A-TO.  Also curious what A-TO stands for?  Any ideas?

Here are some pics from her shop:







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