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A Clic and a Celle

I remember the first time I met Christiane Celle.  She was attending the NY Gift Show as the impresario buyer of Calypso, a chic fashion boutique that had grown from her French St Barth's  roots, to the Hamptons on Long Island  and the  swish upper east side of Manhattan.   Expansion of her bohemian brand  across the US  was her vision and she succeeded.  Her personal attire I recall was a weathered black leather motorcycle jacket over tight jeans.  Hip and fit.  Lorraine Segato came to mind, the lead singer of the Canadian band Parachute Club.  Christiane may never have heard of PC but it is meant as a compliment. A Calypso for Men was in the works and we were pitching a Brave Brown Bag for men.  And then it seemed within the year, she had a very attractive offer from a fashion consortium which bought the Calypso chain and Celle must have done a calypso dance so to speak.  

Our next meeting, was on the internet when I came across website and her new business incarnation Clic Gallery  A galley specializing in photography, books on photography and naturally design things that Christiane enjoys selling. Enter stage left our BBB.  Excited to be working with her again and love listening to her voice and french accent, especially ordering the mais oui,  Marche and non non non to the Mini.   She said :  charlotte, sometimes is it is good to go away and come back!  So there you have it BBB rendezvous with Clic Gallery .

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