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A super bowl or mushroom lamp

I'm a big fan of Designboom blog, especially the sunday edition of the week's best.  You never know what to expect, to wit, this mushroom lamp by Danish designer  Jonas Edvard.  Certainly adds new meaning to 'organic' design.  This was great reading during halftime of the Superbowl.  Or for the fulltime, as I am not a very avid or learned football fan but I try.    But I felt right at home, at halftime watching the lengthy ad by Loblaws on the idiosycrasies of food.  Ah, ha,  the mushroom -  the caption:  who would've thunk them edible??? Cute, but the mushroom featured was an amanita muscaria!  In my mother's mushroom book, as teens, we knew what the caption meant under this mushroom:  'edible, but an experience one is likely not to forget"  That was a dare to go hunting for this  highly hallucinogenic mycellum.  Today, turning on a Jonas Edvard lamp would be my preferred high.

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