A Perfect Red

A Perfect Red by author Amy Butler Greenfield  is the perfect book for understanding the allure of the colour red, esp with the upcoming Valentine's Day.  In today's world, in fashion or out of fashion, it seems not much thought is given to the source of any colour, let alone red.  We accept it as a given. As a buyer, not a dyer of cotton textiles, I am aware that availability of stock colours has decreased and the minimum order for custom dye lots has increased.  It is no longer a North American based business; one has to go elsewhere.  Like the search for  the dyes for the colour red which came from the  mysterious cochineal, textile sourcing is an intriguing search.  Red aside, the perfect pink today is most noticeable on the Australian Open tennis court.  Every female tennis player ... wonder who is copying who?  And the source for this perfect pink?  Your guess is as good as mine.

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