the art of tree...

The cover for our Spring 15 collection is the magic of Toronto based designer Robin Uchida.  The plus 130 ft Poplar trees, inside the bag, so to speak, are compliments of my grandparents who planted them over 70 years ago; the farmer to the North is not too thrilled as they shade his soybeans.  So bean it, trees are the most magnificent facts of life.  As a kid, seeing front lawn trees pruned up for a view of the lake, made me think they looked like they had their heads in the ground, the trunk becoming the torso and tree branches the legs and feet waving above in the wind.  That's my tree imagination at work.  What I do greatly admire about a tree and it's branches is the seamlessness of where the trunk stops and the branch begins.  That is magical and indeed  the desired effect of the handle on the BBB.  Stitching is hidden and handle appears well, branch-like.  

Fellow  textile designer, Luisa Cevese, takes the opposite approach.  The Reidizioni textile she creates by sandwiching exotic textile waste between a clear laminate is the lead actor.  Stitching is simply executed and where the handle is attached to the bag it is intentionally exposed .  Very deconstructionist.  Now maybe she would consider encasing leaves in her textile process? As if between 2 pieces of wax paper.  Maybe better left as a thought....  No matter, stitching exposed or hidden, trees inspire and embody the beautiful!  Hope your will enjoy a peak at our Spring Lookbook.  Also on Pinterest,too

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