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Bettoja, Gazzoni and Wieland ...

Inspiring ladies!.  Georgia Bettoja, (shown on left) I have never met but when I saw the write up on her in World of Interiors April 15 issue , I thought it was a photo of Idarica Gazzoni, ( shown on right who I have corresponded with) because I recognized the wavy textile pattern in the background ( one of her  textile prints) which then brought to mind the 'Oh Canada in Lips'  painting by Joyce Wieland ( in the middle).

Milan based Georgia Bettoja collects textiles and in a sense paints with them, using them as canvases and appliqueing shapes and colors onto them as she has done here with Gazzoni's Take Flight pattern. 



Idaricia Gazzoni is also a mailan based textile artist whose work in steeped in her training as a painter of wallmurals and modern interpreter of Asian textile motifs.  I now know what a Suzani pattern is.  Her work is  bold,new but always with a deference to the beauty of a prior traditon.....

Joyce Weiland is a favourite painter of mine, Canadian and I did have the honour of meeting her at art school and at an art gallery where I worked.  This painting is actually rendered with a lipsticked mouth singing our national anthem.  She had a great love of textiles and often used quilting and applique techniques. She also had a great sense of humour.  At a gallery opening  in Toronto - this was in the 70's -   one could  buy and take whiff of her bespoke perfume called Eau de Beaver!



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