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Huntington Beach blender weather

I was just about to continue complaining about the Ontario weather and the unending cold spell when I received this photo from my cousin in Los Angeles on March 2.  I thought he had photoshopped the pic to make me feel better, but no, it really did snow.  Well, I guess it was a freak hail storm. 

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The Greater Perfection

Still have landscape and garden views on my brain,  maybe because we are on the homestretch to Spring or I have watched too many  segments of Monty Don's  Gardens of the World.  He's British, so ...

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March Makeover: Nancy Braun's Brave Brown Bag

Nancy Braun is the consumate hair colouring artist.   Her bi-coastal salon is a favourite of a swish clientel in Hollywood and NYC.  The Balayage technique which she developed can result in the m...

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