March Makeover: Nancy Braun's Brave Brown Bag

Nancy Braun is the consumate hair colouring artist.   Her bi-coastal salon is a favourite of a swish clientel in Hollywood and NYC.  The Balayage technique which she developed can result in the most natural golden Cinderella locks one could ever want forever!  Nancy has also carried a Brave Brown Bag, well almost forever; and in buying a new one, we gave her pre-loved BBB a day at the Spa, if you will.  You know, added a few highlights, a touch of wax and voila  ... Doesn't it  look great?  Purchased at least 15 years ago according to Nancy and still carrying on.  And I can tell by the changes in the design that date it but even I was surprised, not so much that they last but how our customers get attached to their dear dog-eared tote like a family pet!    So maybe it's time for some March makeover.

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