The Year of the Flying Turtle

What a way to start the year.....Do not usually dream in colour, first if I am lucky enough to recall dreaming at all.  The last time presaged a major turning point in my life; I dreamt of flying pink pigs and purple sheep.  A curious combination as sheep are reknown followers and I've heard pigs are highly intelligent.  I concluded this meant I was about to become a very smart follower.  Some 24 years ago - wow time flies,  at 42 I decided to get on board the teetotaller boat.  I should note my 'success' in doing so was due  to some special family and friends and the wisdom of AA.  I discovered the boat was a pretty big one!  

And now, my New Year technicolour dream is of a brightly painted flying turtle! Cannot remember the plot but image of turtle remains vivid.  It's back was  pattered with a distinctly Imari English china glaze in the deep blues and burnt orange. 

Dream interpretation 101:  for the Chinese it may be the year of the dog, pour moi its this flying turtle that I think symbolizes thoughtful execution and out with all procrastination......Hmm.   Here are a few of the many projects that I have on the back burner to be realized this year at BBB studio.

*Flora and fauna fabric patterns, designs from my own backyard that celebrate the Carolinian forests from where I grew up.... start drawing!


* learn to play the damn ukelele 

*  is that enough....other than huge gratitude to continue the Brave Brown Bag journey

Get on with it flying turtle!!!




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