Always room for one more....


Always room for one more chair, that is. This is my ode to dear friend Sandra, consummate collector of interesting furniture and fabrics, often discarded as not of interest by others.  I visited Sandra last New Years Eve in Perth Ontario.  She was in the midst of divesting herself of some her great finds as she was selling  her 'urban farmhouse' - more on that later.  I left with these 4 metal patio chairs complete with upholstered vinyl (ugh) seats probably from the forties stuffed in my Volvo wagon.   Driving back to the lake, ruminating on the chairs , I calculated that I would now have an assortment of 34 chairs in various stages of use and disrepair. Why on earth was I getting more?   From her shed into my garage collecting more dust and moss.  Oh, but I love moss!

Then, voilal, lightning had hit a 60 ft spruce tree on my front lawn near the house.  It didn't take the tree down but slowly it died and became very scraggy.   I always thought if and when I got around to it, the forked trunk would make a lovely platform for yet another bird house. Finally, the tree was topped this Spring.  And putting two plus two together or rather 2 plus 34 chairs, I envisioned the perfect place for those 4 patio and chairs  and the next thing you know I kind of flung them up like Spaghetti el dente... if they stuck  let them stay there.  Wonderful they just seemed to fit and the ideal was to hang with no tinkering or nails. Just one nicely weathered metal spring at the crotch of the tree.  Like giant orange legged insects ascending a staircase, my chair sculpture  with my thanks to Sandra.




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