Have not met Lisa Ventre personally except by bag, so to speak.  Lisa got in touch at the beginning of the summer to say that her Brave Brown Bag , otherwise her 'go to bag' was still holding up after, I hate to say 15 years or so!!!!  Lisa is a hat designer based at the tip of Cape Cod in the artsy community of Provincetown.  Toyo is the material and weaving technique she uses to construct her hats in her studio boutique where customers - tourists and locals alike-  love to don her hats to add character and charm as well as give sun protection..... but who cares when they are so terrific looking.  Here's a great article describing her artistry


Lisa decided to try a few BBB for her shop and we're certainly honored to be in such fine hat company.  And apparently Lisa said once she received her order that someone came into shop, bought a bag and had one with her, again purchased many years ago and it still looked great.  So the BBB has fans in ole Provincetown.  I have put my order in with the suggestion that it has the same colour scheme as the pic below of me hamming it up in one of my lost and found hats......  something a bit Dr. Zeusssish will suit me just fine. Always lean to the side of amusing....


I recounted an amusing story to Lisa about my parent's and their sailing enthusiast caravan from Ontario bound for the Americas Cup.  Ever since I can remember starting in the 60s they travelled from Canada to watch the racing yachts battle it out amidst the cocktail banter and often seasick spectators.  One cup summer the plan was to rendezvous in Providence -  as in Rhode Island.  Some were driving, others flying into local airport, then they would all head down to Newport harbor together.  One couple was rather cells back then and it wasn't until a day later that they called from Provincetown - as in Massachusetts.  Ha they overshot the mark read the sign wrong and took the scenic route about 6 hours out of there way....  and I think they wanted to stay there!

Recently I heard that  a new trove of drawings and letters has been discovered belonging to the artist Edward Hopper and his wife Josephine. These are now being exhibited at  the Provincetown Art Museum. So worth a drive - intended or not - to Provincetown.

Thank you Lisa for carrying our BBB.

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