They were like Valentine's Day cards only better.  I was so amazed and excited  to receive these notes this February from 2 very special  BBB customers.  Consider the old fashioned form of letter writing.  Today, the function of instant delivery seems to control our choice of communication through the so called 'Cloud' with endless emails, tweets, texts, hashtags, pins, emojis...... Albeit, fast has it's upside but can there be anything better to receive or communicate appreciation with than a handwritten note.  


Artist Emily Zell from California sent this wonderful note and collage.  How nice  to know that people enjoy using their BBB as we do making them.  She ordered our Mini bag in Vintage Wax Cedar as gifts for family and one of course for herself.   Emily has a super blog called  ZELLOUSLY , of course.  Tres inspirational.

The other letter I would love to share a photo of here, but am waiting for the approval of polite protocol.  It was beautifully handwritten and signed.  The back story is last July around Canada Day celebrations, my sister who does not even live in Canada ( but still has patriotic fervor) was visiting and picked up our Globe and Mail newspaper on my kitchen table and began reading about Ms. Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau.  ( Note I do not introduce her as  the wife of...... rather Justin, Canada's Prime Minister is the lucky husband of!)  The article was extolling Ms. Trudeau's championing of Canadian design.  My sister said with a drolll tone of voice:  "I assume you have sent her one!!  No?!!! Well get on it!"


So, as a special thank you in honour of Canada's 150th, we sent Sophie our Classic Wax Marche in Cranberry befitting of our national flag colour and hoping she too would enjoy this colour.  She did!    With the bag i sent a letter thanking her for being such a wonderful ambassador for Canadian design.  I ps'd that  I thought the PM would look very cool carrying one,too.  Could she suggest a colour?  She did!  Blue.  Hopefully we can show off her beautifully handwritten note as she is showing off our BBB.  And maybe hubby too?!!!  I will let her know that her letter will be in the good company of Ms. Zell's. 

Like, Follow and Share have there place but nothing compares like a hand written note.  BBB Happy Valentine's Day to all.




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  • Emily Zell says...

    I write even to my friends who live locally. It is a lost art form and am so happy that you enjoyed mine! Even more fun to get a surprise response from a new friend!

    On March 22, 2018

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