I've written about my Italian dealer Dovetusai in past blogs. Translate:  'You know where we are'.  But I didn't know where they were or went. 

First, they joined SKITSCH - an upscale Ikea look brand- with many other famous designers. Then they opened Pianoprimo in 2007.  And now they've gone full circle and its back to 'you know where we are'  I am very excited to be working with Fabio and Luigi again. 

They have a beautiful line of glassware that they design and produce -  simple elegant vases and carafes.


And then these breadboards with handles;  I thought they were brave brown bags!  Amazing what an asymmetrical shape can do for an otherwise mundane rectangle that we are so used to for a cutting board.  How fun.

 Welcome back, Fabio and Luigi.  Hope you know where your BBB is!

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