Founders Garden Club of Sarasota


Thank you Founders Garden Club of Sarasota for having me and the Brave Brown Bag collection at your Green Forever luncheon last Wed. One never knows what the display arrangements will be but this worked out wonderfully with a bit of artful tromp d'oeil greenery as my background.  Very forever green.  And loved the red/white and blue parapluie and the silent garcon.  He didn't charge for the espresso!

The featured speaker was landscape architect Mario Nievera who was not so silent on the challenges of siting home and gardens.  The outside grounds of a house  he calls 'the last room' and often it is an afterthought.  Here is link to review in the Sarasota Herald Tribune 

He spoke about the homes he has transformed and illustrated in his monograph 'Forever Green'.   All very fascinating and hopeful:  the house, the lot, the outer buildings, the last reno, the neigbour's view may NOT be the perfect ideal.  Are they ever?  But plant a tree, or take one down, grow a hedge, build an artful wall with a grass burm to disguise a too close road. Clever suggestions and tricks from Mario. Then escape to the laast room, sit back with a cocktail and enjoy the wonderful illusion of green forever space.  It works!


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