Biddiing battle over BBB at the DX?

Last night at the annual Toronto Design Exchange DX Intersection party/fundraiser, our Antique Wax BBB was auctioned off to the highest bidder?  Were you there?  Did their honorary guest Monocle editor, Tyler Brule buy it? Oh such wishful thinking.  Every year since 2003 we've donated a BBB to the event.  

In 2003 the BBB received the Gold Award in the sustainable/fashion category;  an oxymoron if there ever was one -  Sustainable means to last and the latter is always changing....  Oh well.  Wish I could've been a fly on the wall and watched the bidding.  Or did someone think a paper bag was being auctioned as a high design joke. 


Now this is not a joke but an example of  fashion and sustainability.   Recently a customer  bought a new BBB and gave us this treasured daily companion for a day at the BBB spa.   The expression "give it up"  comes to mind.  But we will see what we can do and it might just be unsustainable....  On the other hand one should never give up hope.  And everyone has their pet 'cant throw it out yet' experiences.  I should talk.


I could not say no to this wheelbarrow of 50 geraniums destined for my neighbour's compost last weekend.  Where am I gong to put 50 pots inside this fall.  Or one deadheads them and into cold storage, if I had one....  I am sucker for geranium pink;  luckily there were not 100 of them. 

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