Bonny's Thanksgivng drift: the mobile wreath

Apropos of the Thanksgiving and holiday wreath-making season, sister and garden/artist  Bonny McKeough never fails to treat the mind's eye with the visual poetry of her driftwood/found object mobile sculptures.  I was wondering where my stash of old spoons went.   I don't like using unnecessary electricity these days for lighting up the season: reflective materials and chimes compliments of the wind are a whimsical solution for me.  Does that sound like 'bah, humbug'  Oh well.


This one I call : it's bark is as soft as its bite.  Doesn't it look like the majestic profile of a lion's head letting out a roar!    But the roar from the driftwood chime is the gentlest most charming clatter .


Driftwood is relatively light but even so each piece has a particular weight which must be balanced to hang symmetrically .  Until the wind starts to blow .....
And never throw an old rake handle out.... Actually I think Bonny found this washed up on the beach.  Perfect for the catch of driftwood below.  This is my favourite.  Great wood vibrations.   Just add a red bow and a bit of holly.....Happy Thanksgiving to all and hold on to that spoon for your own holiday mobile wreath!

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