Thanks to my cousin Stewart who lives in nyc for introducing me to the F&S show this past Columbus Day weekend - also our CDN Thanksgiving weekend. The show is the vision of interior designer Bradley Ford.   Tis a modern makers craft fair, beautifully edited with a range of products and prices but all singing the same song of unusual quality.  The first show featured 12 artisans and has grown exponentially to just over 200 this year.  Having viewed the slideshow I wonder how it happened that i missed seeing many of them;  no doubt I was focused on selling BBB. 


First the stunning location - on the west bank of the Hudson River about 100 miles north of nyc in the Hutton Brickyards.  Kingston, once an industrial town, is slowly regaining its artisinal roots as part of a wider craft and arts diaspora from city life. There was an indi-arts fair and a huge Italian barbecue going on at the same time as the F&S show; so lots of activity on their Columbus Day weekend.


When we arrived, the first structure one sees is this hulking skeleton of a deceased brick factory- left behind like a poetic nod to Shelly's Ozymandias:  Behold, look upon my  bricks now we support weeds and good design! 

Our display was in the main pavillion very close to the main entrance.  A great location. I also had great help with Sandra on display and Hanni, a native New Yorker, chatting it up with customers and handling sales.  


Sister Lee Ann from Florida also joined us and covered the 'yachting market'. Funny story:  a customer, a designer working on a special project for the largest 'Feadship' in the world enquired about our Grande Catchall.  Guess that would be a niche market of 1.  My sister has a yachting background, so she almost fell over when the designer mentioned 'feadship'. The perfect tote for its guests  Apparently there's a reality based tv show called Below Deck for the crew who run these luxury yachts.  Stay tuned, we're working on this one.  As it turned out the Grande  Catchall was our best selling bag at the show.

Next year fingers crossed when we return I will make a point of taking the vendor boatcruise up the Hudson.  My only fear is I might not get off the boat and keep cruising on up the Hudson - a journey befitting a Columbus Day and CDN Thanksgiving weekend.








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