Our Thanksgiving is in early Oct. However, it's hard not to get caught up in our southern neighbours spirit of giving thanks for harvest - modern and traditional.  Be it the season of cooking and therefore cookbooks, I am more overwhelmed by the digital photography than the food itself.  The resolution of the images look more real than in real life.  I mean I dont see as clearly as the camera lens when my eye 'shoots' its image if you will.    And the current fashion of up close in focus shots with the blurry background; I am a bit weary of it  (probably a tad jealous as it requires talent to create this effect or an expensive wide angle lens).  Hmm, this sounds more like complaining than thankful!  Well, taking out an old Bon Appetit cookbook, I was thrilled to rediscover the photography of Tessa Traeger .  If you're having fish this holiday you might consider the above 'fishlady'!  It's hilarious.  A skirt of  real smoked salmon? And clam gams owith oyster shoes?  

Traeger composes her images like old world paintings. Sometimes it's hard to tell where the stage set ends and the real food begins.  The above is very 'MSL' or actually Martha Stewart was no doubt influenced by her work.

Unfortunately the colour film of that day fades over time into morbid orange overtones ,especially if it's a photo of roast beef.  Ugh.


I recommend this pasta map photo for colour longevity this Thanksgiving! See I got so engrossed in her photographs, I forgot to put the turkey in.  Have a great Thanksgiving.






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