Mid-September to mid October is the season for puffballs where I live and also around my birthday.  Perhaps this is why a rather large one appeared at my front door to greet me!  I regret to say I did not get a picture of the plethora of puffball that appeared in a shady fir tree grove near by..... at least 30 of them all popped up overnight.  Quite magical.

This definitley was  one of the largest unspoiled puffballs I have encountered. I'm trying to give you a sense of scale.


Or better yet, let's say it's about twice the size of my head.  A reminder not to get too puffed up on one's birthday.   Ho.  Ho.  They're super eating:  fried in butter with lots of salt and pepper and worcester sauce.  Some connoisseurs refer to them as 'puffball steaks'. However, this might lead to the misnomer of a puffball breed of cows like the joke about where  spaghetti comes from - the spaghetti tree.....



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