I love the perspective of this photo.  The BBB has a very proud architectural look for a bag that otherwise does a great impersonation of a paper bag..... which it is not!  Perhaps you remember the "I AM NOT A PLASTIC BAG" bag by London designer Anya Hindmarch. An amusing eco-fashion overstatement, if you will; whereas our BBB is more of an anti-fashion understatement? it can fool you that it is paper with all the qualities of paper that are desirable;  and every now and then we should point out that we are NOT a paper bag but a very unique handmade, handwaxed cotton carryall.  We were honoured when philosopher/geography professor Amy Lavendar Harris of York University contemplated our BBB and the nature of things artisnally wrought by hand:    http://readingcities.com/index.php/toronto/comments/poiesis_contemplating_the_brave_brown_bag/  A bit over my head but I am all for 'poiesis!!!  Ancient Greek 101 is coming back to me.

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