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BBB in FOOD & DRINK 20th anniversary issue

Just so honoured to be included in the 20th anniversary issue LCBO Food & Drink magazine available at all LCBO locations.  Our thanks to editor, Jodi Dunn for choosing the BBB as one of her all time favourite purchases.  It just occurred to me I have NOT had a drink in almost  20 years!!   How Alanis Morissette ironic funny ha ha is that:  I go on the proverbial wagon and then design a bag that looks like a brown paper bag....  Oh well.    Also this month at the Ramsay Talks in Toronto, their guest speaker is writer/journalist Ann Dowsett Johnston, author of newly published  'Drink!  http://  A toast to all  of us and the search for the Golden mean.

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Waxing Autumnal ... Cabbagetown Fall Fair Time

Leaves are starting to turn.  Our Brave Brown Bag in a display of Fall colours will be making their way to the Cabbagetown Art and Craft Fairs the Sept 7th weekend following Labour Day.  Say farew...

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I love the perspective of this photo.  The BBB has a very proud architectural look for a bag that otherwise does a great impersonation of a paper bag..... which it is not!  Perhaps you remember ...

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