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Woofing about our Toile de bark...

Trees inspire my Toile de bark textile patterns shown above.  As you may well know Toile de jouy is a the traditional French cotton with patterns depicting all manners of  country  and courtly life made popular  in the 17th century.‎.  In particular the beauty of Birch bark is hopefully suggested  and then of course a playful pun on Max, the black lab on our logo…. toile de woof did not sound quite right…   Toile de bark is a block printing process using beeswax crayons and is part of our BBB Spring collection.

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The 'greening' of the/our/my rural skyline

      On the left the view South... on the right the view North:  the latter shows a row of giant 100' plus poplar trees shot from the farmer's field of lush soybeans looking towards my lakefront h...

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Remembering our sales agent Shelly Renfrew

    Shelley Renfrew was our BBB salesrep for Western Canada and California.  Cancer sadly took her life this year.  A fond memory I have of Shelley and friend (also salesrep) Sandra Todd was our d...

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