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The 'greening' of the/our/my rural skyline



On the left the view South... on the right the view North:  the latter shows a row of giant 100' plus poplar trees shot from the farmer's field of lush soybeans looking towards my lakefront home; the trees were planted over 70 years ago by grandparents in a barren field to mark the property line.  Pivot 180 degrees looking North is a 500 ' industrial wind turbine that went up seemingly over night and will remain there for the next 20 years ( along with 400 more, visible over 15 miles away).   This is the/our /my new rural skyline in South Western Ontario, akin to the proliferation of McDonald's arches in a city?  The so called 'greening' of our rural skyline is a good thing?  Or appearances are deceiving?   Segue to the Brave Brown Bag:  this appearance has integrity, we humbly submit -  an improvement on it classic paper ancestor.   Not so sure about that view North….  On Monocle - the Canadian architect Moshe Safdie is interviewed about his new Skypark in Singapore. vast 390 metre long park of greenspace  plunked on a highrise rooftop, the 8th wonder of the world, a seeming  improvement of the barren cement that it replaced.   Fast forward 2033 ,perhaps Mr. Safdie will have an imaginative idea for repurposing these 500' fans! 


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