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Thank you Philippe Stark, this bag lasts.....

In a recent movie filmed by DEZEEN, about designer Phillipe Stark's new Organic tap for Axor, Stark advocates the ecology of buying timeless design versus fast fashion.  (   In our age of so called 'sustainable' design, personally I have a problem with the word itself; gets stuck on its own syllables; does not roll off the tongue easily.  Timeless is better and elegant, the best word.  For surely, if a product is designed well, perforce, it goes without saying that it will sustain itself (firecrackers aside).  In my humble experience,  products over-labeled with green nomenclature, I find suspect ...the proclaimed solutions for a green lifestyle often come with their own set of problems like the plethora of plastic water bottles we now find on our beaches.  Soluiton:  drink tapwater from and Axor faucet! One could  even say the  ecology of timeless design behaves in much the same way as human behaviour:  some people age well, others not; ditto design.   Why is not understood by logic alone or treatises on design theory.  Ask Canadian furntiure design impresario Klaus Nienkamper to weigh in on this.  He,who inspires and champions all things elegant with his understated charm, in fact, celebrated (or is it sustained) a birthday this week.  And the Brave Brown Bag turned sweet 16.  Or in dog years that would be 112!  Oh dear.  Here's to aging gracefully.  With our compliments to the design wisdom of Messrs. Stark and  Nienkamper.



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