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Microcosmic Mini BBB



Our Japanese dealer, Gojuon  asked us to make a very small BBB for their paper and pencils etcetera...  We are still looking for a very tiny magnetic closure of sorts, some kind of understated tick tock double lock.   Then this Micromini 101 will be the perfect fit for a cellphone, plus room for a few extras, with a definite untechy look....good camoflage for those of us who have not quite made the mass migration to cellphone use.  Stay tuned or should I say stay connected.

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Gone sailfishing........

Well not exactly, but sailing, yes.... and hope to test a few Catcalls on the way.  As a boarding ship BBBlog entry: the sailfish box as I call it, featured above, is a not so socially correc...

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Thank you Philippe Stark, this bag lasts.....

In a recent movie filmed by DEZEEN, about designer Phillipe Stark's new Organic tap for Axor, Stark advocates the ecology of buying timeless design versus fast fashion.  (http://www.dez...

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