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Remembering our sales agent Shelly Renfrew



Shelley Renfrew was our BBB salesrep for Western Canada and California.  Cancer sadly took her life this year.  A fond memory I have of Shelley and friend (also salesrep) Sandra Todd was  our drive together in a horrible thunderstorm at night to my home on Lake Erie in late Oct 2001 enroute to yet another BBB tradeshow. Shelley and Sandra continued on to nyc to the lahdedah Coterie show .  'Queen' Charlotte, in her newly-just-married pomp aura, would follow a day later after the work of setting up the display was complete by them.  Our display exhibit did not arrive.  The show opened.  Shelley and Sandra had one Brave Brown Bag between them for display, a borrowed crate and their charming personalities.  They never batted an eyelash; I was beyond a fit apoplectic. We had a great show with great orders.  Shelley always made the best of  life's challenges.  The blue BBB was her favourite colour and a compliment and complementary colour to her forever redhead coiffed hair and spirit. 


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I am so sad to hear about Shelley’s death, I work with her for many years at Cornell Trading in Montreal, I was at the samples department and she was our sales rep. in BC. I new only now this sad news, I was ready to contact Shelley to offer her a line of bags from my country.

Maria Romero

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