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Why Gingham? When at my wits end...

With the plethora of patterns in today's vast textile offerings - a humbling experience in and of itself -  the simplicity of gingham can be a zen-like experience for my weary designer eyes.... perhaps that is part of its lasting appeal.  The history of the weave is as interesting as the the story of waxed cotton.  Our BBB only uses the real stuff :  100% yarn dyed woven gingham; the back of the fabric  looks like the front as it is woven not silk screened.  We are finicky about our gingham.  Also the right angles of the pattern complement the squareness of the BBB shapes.  Warp and weft cross simply as the lines of longitude and latitude on a nautical chart .... and when lost not at sea but on the indeciperable patterns of an Excel spread sheet and at my wits end .... I choose the simplicity of Gingham! Happy 4th of July!


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