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Fortes Fortuna Juvat to Nik Wallenda

Niece Sarah in Sarasota Florida  took this photo of high wire artist, Nik Wallenda, on an afternoon stroll.  It's a family tradition of sorts to follow their travels above from below if you will... His most recent feat of bravery and balance was on June 23rd across the Grand Canyon, just a mere 1400 foot jaunt to the other side.  Nothing short of breathtaking to watch on TV....  I could only take a peripheral very momentary peek, way too scary pour moi.   Our BBB motto is Fortes Fortuna Juvat : translate 'may all good fortune favour the brave' celebrates Nik Wallenda's amazing walk and putting his bravest foot forward so to speak...... an auspicious blessing to all in the US and Canada this coming July 1st and 4th of July.  Thank you Nik! (and Sarah too for the dramatic pic.)


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Great picture! Great lines! Thank you for sharing. Trop risqué pour moi aussi!

Brigitte Diogo

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