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Heave ho, make way for the grand Catchall...

Heave ho... make way for the grand Catchall!  A carryall stitched entirely from sailcloth (due to make landfall on our site this week).  A sail one could say is a container for the wind; our Catchall is a container for all the stuff of our 'grand' lifestyles be it at home or on the high seas.  Truly, the list of uses is as vast as the wind:  the beach is the obvious one but also very elegant storage for linens and laundry, playroom toys ....Super lightweight and weatherproof, the upright, mouth-wide-open shape makes me think I crossed the hull design of a boat with a bathtub!  Ergo, the closure is a white rubber plug on bungee cord to add a whimsical note to the serious art of heave hoing.

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