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The beauty of sailcloth and the BBB


The history of sailcloth is an ancient and fascinating one:  imagine a silk spinnaker or a 100% cotton canvas mainsail next to a mylar/kevlar jib. I know a bit about traditional sailcloth and the high tech stuff, the result of a youthful stint at a sail loft.  Enough to know I was better suited to designing bags.  However, a lifelong love for the functional beauty of  sailmaking materials has remained an inspiration for the Brave Brown Bag collection.  The Grande Catchall carryall - soon to make landfall on our website - is made entirely from sailcloth -  our humble tribute to this nautical textile old and new.  So heave-ho, make way for our Grande Catchall.*photo of The Flying Cloud courtesy of Yachts Under Sail/Alfred F. Loomis, ny 1933.


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Heave ho, make way for the grand Catchall...

Heave ho... make way for the grand Catchall!  A carryall stitched entirely from sailcloth (due to make landfall on our site this week).  A sail one could say is a container for the ...

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