Where's my windbag?

Just finished reading the Great Gatsby for the first time, the book ends with 'So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaslessly into the past'.  That is some current on the north shore of Lake Erie in front of my home (photo compliments of sister Bonny who lives next door).  A wicked westerly that they say will continue through the weekend.  Up to 100 km gusts and I still think in mph's, would be 60 or 56 knots. And at that strength the wind flattens the waves.  Is it the camera angle, the light.... the water looks like molten steel.  Just lucky not to be in Buffalo.  A friend has always referred to our Grand Catchall made from sailcloth as the Windbag!.  You would certainly fly with it on a day like this.

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