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Poppies and poetry

This is a swatch of an English fabric by Parkertex which I call Poppy.    Interesting how the scan shows the colours and texture  in such rich detail.  Very appropriate for yesterday's Remembrance Day.  And remember we did.  I was with my Dad (a 93 year old Canadain veteran) in Florida.  I for the garden club show, he for the sun.  He took to reciting In Flanders Field with a British accent a la Richard Burton at the cocktail hour.  I reminded him that  poet John McCrae would've spoke Canadian with a Guelph Ontario accent, if any accent at all.  I confess I know this as Norma, my sales Co-ordinator, holding the fort back in Ontario, said she was late getting to work because the McCrae family home, now a museum is the next street over from where she lives and cars were lined up around the block to visit on Nov the 11th. 

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