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Happy Thanksgiving and long live...

....your  Brave Brown Bag!  This warm brown material is actually natural rubber made by rainforest Indians in South America.  I will be using this textile in a new Wax Eco design this Spring.  Cotton sugar sacs are coated with the white rubber sap and smoked over an open fire.  The rubber turns many shades of beautiful brown.  Just like your roast Turkey, I hope.

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Where's my windbag?

Just finished reading the Great Gatsby for the first time, the book ends with 'So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaslessly into the past'.  That is some current on the north s...

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Put it in the Kitty....

Niece Sarah's cat  Littles does not look the least bit interested in our new Kitty cosmetic bag,  even the bird book could not entice her; although she does like to play with the tassles on the z...

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