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The Pink Poppi Shop.

Christina Droumtsekas, owner of Waterloo based Pink Poppi well, need I say loves pink flowers!  It will be a busy Fall for Pink Poppi as they are in the midst of moving to a new location within the Timeless Materials  company - housing the most swank collection of reclaimed furnishing and building materials ever right around the corner from the Blackberry head office.   Floral arrangements are Chritina's specialty.  I visited a couple of weeks ago.  I assumed the most amazing white lilies were flown in from, they are sourced from a Mennonite farmer just up the road. 

Christina has added a gift selecition including the BBB.  So to accomodate Christina's passion for pink, we did up the softest pale pink Le Sac de Charlotte for her upcoming opening.  Take a peak.


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