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Over the bank In good COmpany!

Photo of a jaunt to the beach of childhood friend and Marmaduke. Such a musical graceful gait!  Last weekend, the weather was about like this but I was not sauntering down this bank quite like this; I was cutting the grass on the ramp down to the lake  (Lake Erie)  under the watchful eye from above of my Dad ( at 92 he supervises).   The descent down the ramp was naturally aided by gravity... it was a breeze, and no need for the 3rd gear power that this push/power mower has.  But the next thing I know, I am barreling down the ramp out of control.  The ramp ends and it's a 6 ft drop and jump to the Quarterdeck (beach deck) below.   A half sunk defunct canoe is betwixt filled with sand and rocks to break the waves . I let go of the mower.  It stopped but I kept going and somehow lept up and  over it and off to one side.  From my Dad's perspective I disappeared out of sight as he watched the lawnmover slowly careen forward and sway slowly back  and then do a 1/2 somersault.  All I remember is preparing myself for 2 broken ankles wondering how I was going to land in the canoe between the rocks.  Agile and not fragile at 62, I landed in a crouch position and slowly stood up and looked back to see my Dad buckelled over in laughter. 

I have now proudly joined the 'over the bank ' club.  Very distinguished members:  from grandfather to uncle, twice in fact, my  brother and several other members of Highbank's community.  Mostly done on a riding lawnmower ... so I have a special mention in the lesser division of hand-pushed. 

Now why did I think of this?  I was planning to write about the Galeri CO.   This is a swish design shop/gallery on boulevard St. Laurent in Montreal founded by Sarah Richardson.  The name CO is an anagram of sort for  ECOLOGY, COMMUNITY and ECONOMY.  Common to all are the letters CO.    The Brave Brown Bag is going to be carried in this beautiful shop this Fall.  How lucky we are to be a part of this club!   



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