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Sunflower perspective

2014 summer weather has not been the sunniest - more a mixture of haze and sun.  Quite amazing to watch the sunflowers watch the sun, if you will.  Upper left corner shows a hazy day then eventually like a well trained chorus they all look up when the sun shines.....  Look closely at the bottom left there is actually a guest bee having lunch...  a very encouraging sign.  Here's to looking up!

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Have you ever laid down in a bed of Thyme?

I am very lucky to have a thyme bed.  First I started weeding, kneeling, plucking invasive clover and inhaling the wonderful scent!  And then kind of slid into a snooze after shooing away a barage ...

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Over the bank In good COmpany!

Photo of a jaunt to the bank of my childhood friends. Such a musical graceful gait!  Last weekend, the weather was about like this but I was not sauntering down this bank quite like this; I was c...

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