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Have you ever laid down in a bed of Thyme?

I am very lucky to have a thyme bed.  First I started weeding, kneeling, plucking invasive clover and inhaling the wonderful scent!  And then kind of slid into a snooze after shooing away a barage of crickets.  Am sure my presence was more alarming for them.  On the other hand, I know a snake has it's quarters somewhere below; and know I would airlift my derrierre quickly if I sensed a slither in the thyme. Have finished Molly Peacock's The Paper Garden.  She believes the paper collages of flowers by Mrs. Delany, (these are special artificial flowers) connect us back to nature -  to the experience of the real thing, the real stuff  from whence life all originated.  I was musing on that bed of thyme about  our indirect experience of things and how it  amounts for so much of our knowledge:  we see it on a computer screen and then someone gives you a scientifically synthesized version of say, extract of thyme oil and says it cures whatever ails you and there is no need to experience the natural source.  Hrrumph to them!


Another amazing herb, is Citrus Southerwood, shown in the bottom left corner  and a member of the Artemesia family, I am told.    If I am in a dull mood, I literally stick my nose in the midst of the plant and inhale ... better than Prozac I say!  The garden above is the green thumbery of my sister.  Remember I make artificial paperbags.  Ho ho.  Labour Day soon and back to BBBing it with the colours of Fall.


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