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My favourite home....


Mine own, of course..... I trust one can say this without undue narcissism because home is wherever one is truly comfortable, be it in a treehouse, a penthouse, or your first bachelor pied a terre with that horrible shower.   Asleep in the bow of a sailboat on a broad reach or on a mooring rocked by the waves is one of my ideal homes.  But on land, my home called 'Ballyhigh'  (a pun on the musical,yes and the area is known as Higbanks on Lake Erie, but in fact the banks are pretty low by the cliffs of Dover standard) is a place of retreat for me.  My favourite feature inside is the huge accordion sliding door between dining and kitchen area.  Built in the late 50's or as they say now,  mid-century modern, I have never seen another door like this.  Thanks to the architect Jo Storey who was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Material is a wood panelling made to fold like paper.  Has an Asian/oriental look.  Maybe Jo saw Bali Hai too.  I find myself opening and closing it for no reason other than to see it fold up and open again. My interior door giff! In any event,  makes me feel at home.

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