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Never underestimate our Grand Catchall

As I was saying:  never underestimate our Grand Catchall.  Although log carrier might not be the first use that comes to mind, it is quite amazing how many are the uses for this light as a feather (because it is high tech sailcloth) tote.   And being waterproof it is meant to weather all the various storage and lugging situations.  For example: linens and laundry are naturals, toys for tot or pet, very amusing to watch your cat  jump in and out of - the cats catchall, poolside clutter, beach towels, for the cottage to an fro, for the boat stowed below.  And on it goes , or you know I just thought of this, if one was on the high seas in a Gulf stream near hurricane storm, as I once was, hanging this off the stern of one's yacht would hold up very well as a sea anchor!    Oh where was my Grand Catchall then.  Now I think I have provided quite a range of uses.  Enjoy that summer before its log carrying weather again.

And in case you missed our Catchall closure solution:  it is indeed a white pure silicone rubber plug tied with bungee cord.  It hooks into a ring on the other side.  You never know when a plug may come in handy!  When one has that sinking feeling..... we try to keep our closures on fun side of function. 


Thank you for pointing this out. Corrected.


I believe you meant to say “sea anchor”


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